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OShaugnessy, 2002 We’ve all heard the saying ‘Opposites attract’ and this is evident of that. And when I say that I don’t mean that there wont be some similarities between the couple just that there will be certain attributes that are the opposite of that of their partner. Jung puts forward the idea that after middle age we discover our inner feminine/masculine in ourselves. Google Inc. n. d . Google . Retrieved from Google Dictionary: F%80%B4The+use+of+the+imagination+or+original+ideas+especially+in+the+production+of+an+artistic+work. 2,or. r gc. r pw.

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1. Use colors, smells, textures along with your visual descriptions. Your thought exercises should well beyond rational thought. The whole idea is to challenge your mind and get it to have to be creative. You want your mind to have to work to come up with answers. You can create your own thought experiments.