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Net application on iPad. There will be scenarios where the iPad will be disconnected from . Net application. Users should be able to enter some details on iPad application and it should persisted within iPad so that whenever connection comes up the data can be synch with the . Net application. Questions:1 What could be best feasible platform to develop iPad application. 2 Which is the best way to store master data on iPad which can be used by iPad application?The . Net application is using SQL server 20053 What could be the best approach to provide synchronization of data from iPad to . Net application and back. Thanks in advance. Yeah I currently used the new medium size Bamboo Series.

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The winners fill the pages of HOW magazine’s best selling issue of the year—one that professionals flock to for graphic design inspiration. The International Design Awards winners showcased in the 2013 “International Design” issue of HOW represent a broad range of trends and styles; some distinctive to a project’s native country. Check out 46 award winning international projects below in a variety of categories, from advertising and poster design to identity and signage. Do you think your work should be showcased next year?22. K. For the freelancer who’s new to the scene, it’s a pretty daunting thing to step out and sell his work to clients.

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