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Through awareness I grow in understanding. This knowledge leads me to accept and appreciate who I am. Who am I?I am a spiritual being living a human experience. Yesterday teaches what I must remember now and tomorrow teaches what I must learn today. Now is the only reality I know. B Be the best you can I can be nothing less!I aspire to my higher purpose: I am one with all creation. C It's all about choice I am a free spirit. I am free to choose. I exercise my will freely. There is purpose to what I do. There is no right or wrong.

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When you work with an advertising agency, you may be paying for more than necessary because they offer so many services. Even if you are not using those services, you are ultimately paying a higher price for your projects because of the high overhead at the agency. If you need an ad, but are willing to manage the ad buying and ad space yourself or work with the graphic design studio on a media plan. Often clients have their own contacts with publications and other advertising venues. Therefore, managing the ad buying and placement is not a problem and can keep you within your budget. For smaller projects.

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Take a look at the number of pages in any magazine, then take a look at the magazine section of your local bookstore to see how many there are and you’ll see that this is definitely a field that can only exist through the hard work of talented designers. Devices like the iPad are creating an interesting overlap of print design techniques and digital technology. Some online publications are moving from the familiar blog format to a more magazine like experience with individual pages that can be turned via gestures. This is a natural evolution for these types of designers and should hopefully help alleviate disappearing jobs. Logo DesignIt’s hard to believe that some people can make a full time living solely through logo design but it does in fact happen. It’s more typical for a company to provide a full range of marketing/advertising/branding services, but logo specialists are on the rise and are quite a talented group. If you’re good with a pencil and tend to be more of an artist than a designer, logo design is a perfect field for to pursue. Once again, though logo design comes from the print world, these days tons of companies exist only in the digital realm and still require the same service. DigitalNow that we’ve looked at some areas of print design and even some that exist in both print and web, let’s look at those jobs that primarily exist as a response to the popularity of the Internet in the past two decades or so. Front End Web DesignerFront end web designers create the web as you know it. Each individual site and page has a “front end” and a “back end”.