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Steve serves as a church choir director. That first luncheon served as the opening event for the 2013 Bicentennial. Retired teacher and newspaper columnist Chuck Avery, who grew up in the Bucktown neighborhood, spoke at that event. It proved to be a huge success. Succeeding years have seen between 250 and 300 reservations for each luncheon. “Some of these people that come, they don’t see each other for awhile so it is almost like a reunion,” Mayor Harold Gordon said. “When you see them, they’re talking to each other and they light up. They have a great time and no one is in a hurry. ”The event is a gift from the Parks and Recreation Department, the city of Connersville, businesses, industries and individuals. CGS Services, Union Savings and Loan Association and FCN Bank are sponsors. Rieman’s Flowers and Brunsman’s Graphic Design provide assistance.

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A slow sync flash is for more complicated exposures and is used commonly to create blurry long exposures. The flash fires at the beginning of the exposure , but the shutter still stays open for a moment after the flash has fired. This can freeze a car at dusk and create a blurry streak in the cars path. Or the slow sync flash could capture a sunset and freeze a closer subject that is moving through the frame. There are countless situations where a slow sync flash could possibly be used to enhance an exposure. There are also other versions of the sync flash such as the rear sync flash where the flash fires at the end of an exposure or the stroboscopic flash where the flash fires multiple times throughout an exposure.

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So right click on the Solid Color adjustment layer and then choose Create Clipping Mask from the menu. The result should look like the following: However, the outcome seems too bright still. Lower the Opacity of the adjustment layer to about 33%. Step 9: Flatten the Image This all looks good to me at this point, and I’m going to call it done!To finish up, let’s flatten the image. Right click on any layer and choose Flatten Image from the menu that appears. Tutorial Summary That’s it!I hope you picked up something interesting in this coloring tutorial. I talked about several techniques such as cleaning up inks, creating flats, adding textures and using adjustment layers. For inspiration, check out the portfolio sites of these digital colorists:This is a company which develops Softwares and Indian Web. This premier Software and Indian Web development company endeavors to provide the best to its client companies so that they feel comfortable while working with them and consider it the most preferable one. The fundamental consideration is taking care of clients’ requirements and wants. Naturally, any one would choose to work with a company which would fulfill all his demands as well as expectations.